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Air Nest, LLC Introduces Revolutionary Inflatable Hammock


(Greenville, SC)—Air Nest, has announced the introduction of their new inflatable hammock. The revolutionary design allows for near immediate inflation and provides hours of maximum comfort for those looking to relax at home, at the beach, or wherever their travels may take them.

Asher, a spokesperson for Air Nest, commented “Our team is incredibly proud of the product we’ve created and wholeheartedly believe that this is the best inflatable hammock on the market today. We’ve thought about every aspect of the customer’s experience from start to finish, and we believe they’ll find our workmanship superior in strength, comfort, and convenience. Our goal has been to create a truly remarkable product that is durable, practical, and helps our customers savor the stillness., “

The fact that the Air Nest Hammock can inflate in a span of less than 10 seconds isn’t the only feature that makes it a standout product. The company has chosen a square design rather than a traditional banana shape for the hammock simply because it offers better stability and a built-in headrest. In addition, the Air Nest has a weight limit of 750 pounds and gives customers up to 12 hours of comfort and enjoyment. Made of high-grade parachute ripstop nylon, the hammock is moisture-resistant and has convenient pockets for both drinks and mobile devices.

As Asher goes on to say, “Instant relaxation is only four steps away whenever our customers want to Go Air Nest: swing, roll, snap, and relax. That’s all it takes to get our product up and running so that customers can enjoy themselves wherever their life adventures take them. We are so excited to have this product on the market and are sure that it will be a favorite in our customers’ lives for many years to come.”

Those who would like to get their hands on an Air Nest Inflatable Hammock Lounger or would like to learn more about the product can visit the website at

About Air Nest, LLC:

The Air Nest is a revolutionary new inflatable hammock lounger that provides an unmatched bed of comfort for customers to kick back and relax anywhere they please. Take it to the beach, the lake, camping, concerts or festivals, or any sporting event. With Air Nest, you’re only four simple steps away to a state of total comfort and relaxation: swing, roll, snap, and relax.


Smart Ideas: Flights Revisited

Private Jet Charter Benefits When the term, “private jet charters” is mentioned, the very first thing that comes to mind is that only rich and privileged people can afford it. But in the most recent times, it actually has become the primary and preferred travel option for companies and businessmen who travel a lot. Top Reasons Why It’s Practical to Rent a Private Jet Although there are several aspects of the entire experience that specifically appeal to different clients, the most obvious reasons why people are starting to go for it are comfort, prestige, and versatility.
Getting Down To Basics with Services
It’s no secret that in the past several years, only those who own large companies and business and their officials are the ones who can afford paying for this type of travel. It’s actually quite easy to identify them because they will be wearing the fanciest clothes when they board the plane. Hence, there exists a misconception that private jets are only for millionaires. However, the fact that typical airline travel today has become very inconvenient, crowded, and expensive, many people are contemplating on renting a private jet instead.
Looking On The Bright Side of Charters
Private charters are the best definition of a perfect flying experience. A quite obvious reason why you want to try out this type of travel is because you realized that you no longer can endure traveling through commercial flights with congested space and a lot of people sitting right next to each other. By choosing a private jet, you will not just obtain maximum comfort in air travel but also added safety and convenience. Unlike a commercial flight, boarding a private jet means there is no need to experience that usual burden of booking and then having to adjust your own schedule just to make sure it fits with the schedule of the airline. Furthermore, flying a commercial airline means you are required to go the airport well ahead of time and you end up spending an hour or even more waiting to be boarded. By choosing a private jet charter, you don’t have to experience the hassle and long wait. If comfort and convenience aren’t enough reasons, then you have to know that a private jet charter also provides guaranteed safety and security. Yes, there have been very few cases of hijacking in the past several years, but it still doesn’t deny the fact that the risk is always present. But in a private jet charter, there is no such thing as a terrorist threat. Why would any terrorist waste time on hijacking a private with a few people onboard if the objective is to bring harm to as many civilians as possible? Best of all, charter jet travels today have become a lot more affordable compared to how they were priced several years back. The rising competitiveness in luxurious air travel means that practically anyone who wants to avail of it no longer has to pay so much for it.

Parks Tips for The Average Joe

What Are The Reasons Why You Should Visit Big Bend National Park?

It is the Big Bend National Park that is considered a some of the most famous vacation spots in Texas. The location of the park is southwest of Texas within the borders of Mexico. Visitors may be able to visit the park anytime as it is open all year round. You will be delighted with the vast mountains, desert scenery, a number of different wildlife and 800,000 of open area. That us why it is best if you give the park a try and be amazed.

If you are a hiking junky, then you must give the park a visit . Just for your enjoyment, you will be treated to hundreds of miles of hiking trail as well as dirt roads. If you are in for some mountain biking and horseback riding, then the park is the best pace for you. The best countryside that Texas has to offer can be seen here. You can also have a variety of water activities as the park is bordered by the great Rio Grande. Kayaking, canoeing as well as rafting can be done in the waters of the rivers.

Te park will let you see the Chihuahuan Desert which is basically surrounded by the Chisos Mountains. At 7,832 feet, the Emory Peak is considered s the highest mountain in the park. Once you are at the, you will be enjoying the excellent view. The tree that surrounds the mountain is for you to enjoy. 20 miles of hiking trail will be provided by the mountain itself.

If camping is your thing, then you will be delighted with a number of different options. You will be delighted as there are three campgrounds to choose from. Picnic tables, restrooms, grills , water and restrooms are all included in very campgrounds. If you prefer primitive campgrounds, the park also has that depending on what you prefer. It is the primitive campgrounds that have less of the amenities. But it is here also that, you have the freedom and will get some unique views. The moment that you are in Chios Mountain, you will have luxury of choosing which way to camp. The park just provides a lot of possibilities for campers.

In the US, the Big Bend national Park is considered as one of the most beautiful places to visit. If you are an outdoor kind of person, it is a must that you visit the park. It is said that it is also best to visit the park when it’s winter time. You will enjoy winter camping without the heavy snow. It is also a great place for you to know about the history of Texas. Start planning your trip to this awesome pace and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.


Study: My Understanding of Accessories

Travel Security Accessories: Why a Money Belt is Necessary

Traveling, whether for personal or business reasons, means you need to be careful of how you handle your things, gadgets, and money. You already know this but money is a necessity so you can survive a trip. If you’re looking for travel accessories that will protect your hard-earned money, you should consider a money belt.

Money belts come in various sizes, styles, and variations to suit everyone’s preferences. These are all meant to keep your money on hand no matter where you go.

Some have various color selections from natural hues to darker shades. A money belt style that many prefer is the one that you can hide under your pants and is wrapped around the waist. A good money belt also has adjustable straps so all waist sizes can be accommodated. These travel accessories can also serve as your pouch for passports and airline tickets.

A money belt that you can trust is one that keeps your money and other valuables dry even if you bring it along for a dip in the beach or you forget an umbrella and you get drenched in a downpour.

Some belts feature double zippers which serve well for those who are sleepers during trips. You never know the people you will stumble upon while you ride a train, bus, or airplane. While judging strangers negatively should be avoided, it is important that you keep your belongings and money safe in case unexpected incidents arise.

Comfort is a crucial aspect that your travel accessories should provide. An amazing money belt should not cause irritation on your skin even if you wear it for long periods of time. This is especially beneficial for travelers who are on their way to a far destination.

Since you’re already tired from the trip, you don’t want anything on your body that will make you feel more worn out so you want a money belt that’s lightweight.

You may also want to get a money that has more than one or two security pockets for more assurance that your cash and valuables are safe at all times. Pick-pocketers and robbers will not know where you have your money hidden so more security pockets will give you time to call for help and these added pockets will most likely confuse them and make them give up on you.

Finally, appearance is the best gift you should receive from this travel accessory. Some brands offer belts that look more like pouches instead of belts. You want a money belt that will not lure the likes of robbers and other people who may want to take advantage of travelers new to a certain area.

There are numerous travel accessories available for you today but it’s up to you to make the right choice. Get an item that will serve you well in various conditions and situations but most of all, choose one that will ensure the safety of your travel funds so you can enjoy the entire trip without worries.

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What Do You Know About Holidays

Helpful Tips for Planning a Trip to the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is a vibrant mix of European, African and South American cultures–and very friendly people. Every day on the archipelago can be a new experience–relax on a beach Caribbean-style, climb a snow-capped volcano or be amazed by gigantic lizards in a tropical field. Of course, at the end of the day, a vacation can only be as good as how you plan it. Below are tips that can help you:

Saving Cash

Saving money on a holiday can simply mean staying put. Inter-island plane and ferry costs will definitely add up. If you concentrate on the charms of a specific island instead of scratching the surface of all of them, and you will certainly save some cash. As well, fly in during spring or fall when hotels are cheaper and tourists are fewer. And make sure to book early and in the big cities like Las Palmas and Arrecife, where budget hotels are mostly located.


Just like in Spain, the euro (EUR1 EUR) is used in the Canaries. With the euro-U.S. dollar exchange rate fluctuating often, you should check what the current rate prior to your departure. Most restaurants and shops accept major credit cards.


You’ll find each cuisine conceivable in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. However, if you only want try one of the islands’ gastronomic specialties, order sea bream or parrot fish, which are often poached and eaten with fresh vegetables and hot sauce. Sea salted potatoes with spicy pepper sauce is another popular side dish. Several restaurants on Fuerteventura serve up majorero, which is Spanish for local goat cheese. And if you visit Lanzarote, do sample some of their excellent wines, which are made of grapes grown in volcanic ash.


Sunburn is the most usual risk you’ll deal with when going to the Canaries. Be sure to slather on some sunscreen and drink lots of water, whether you’re at the national park or the. Also be alert when in jam-packed touristy areas. Leave all of your valuables at the hotel when possible; if you must take them with you, just make sure you don’t leave them unattended.

Getting Around

The two wisest ways to get around the Canaries are by plane and by private vehicle. There are bus systems all over the islands, they don’t run frequently enough, so they’re not that useful to tourists. The islands’ attractions are also well-distributed, making it impossible to see them completely on foot. Providing an alternative are boats – plenty of companies offering inter-island ferry services. All seven islands have their own airports, but three of the busiest are Tenerife North Airport (TFN), Tenerife South Airport (TFS) and Gran Canaria Airport (LPA).

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